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Make your process easier by streamlining every bit and piece with tune My Digital. Now generate a welcoming platform for your leads and evolve through marketing tools. We facilitate startups and businesses to tap the full potential of B2B marketing automation services. 

Phase 1: Marketing Automation Strategy 

The marketer is one thing and the strategist is another. At Tune My digital, we build plans and strategies to hit the jackpot using the most suitable marketing tools and increase productivity. 

  • We Include keyword selection for both search engine marketing and social media marketing. 
  • We design Google campaigns and social media campaigns for higher lead generation. 
  • Lastly, we use tools and the perfect AI technology to automate marketing strategy. 

If you are still not convinced with this idea, just remember, the world digital marketing was coined to increase productivity and reach for international platforms. This makes it possible to do so. 

Phase 2: Multiple Channels & Landing Page Conversions

The digital world is so vast that without a proper strategy it is impossible to beat millions of social platforms and wide audiences. In the second phase, we finalize these channels to connect your brand and revamp the landing page as per the requirement. 

Why add or revamp your landing page is what our clients ask. So here is why: 

  • CPC, Cost Per Click increases your brand value and you will have a better chance for monetary gains.
  • Better chance to attract your lead is by designing a single landing page with the same alignment of the audience. 
  • It increases your CTR, Clicks Through Rate and decreases your bounce rate. 

The best way to convert your leads immediately is by adding chatbots. Don’t miss an international audience just because you dozed off. Your chatbots and other marketing automation tools to quickly catch up. 

Our team is the real strategy makers who are determined to use the right tools and technology to triumph your business among others. 

Phase 3: Marketing Automation Tools for Advance Marketing

We automate everything for you with our amazing tools and technology. Marketing tools aids to run multiple campaigns in a smarter and easier way. 

At Tune My Digital, we excel at Leadsquared Tool, Hubspot Marketing Automation Tools, Izoote, GTM, Meltwater, Clevertap, Intercom, Zapier, LFTTT, Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, SendinBlue, Omnisend, Drip, and Adroll. 

We automate marketing channels to bring out the best: 

  • Efficient results and increase productivity
  • Understand the mindset of your audience 
  • The increased sales cycle for the international market

Isn’t this exactly what you are looking for? Reach us out at shayon@tunemydigital.com or share your mind and we will come up with the right plan. 

Phase 4: Remarketing to Build Audience Relationship

Is marketing everything? If you are about to say yes, just simply don’t as we believe more than new customers, retaining old ones is a better way to market your brand. Old customers will generate relationships that will help you build a stronger brand. 

Remarketing is another way to snoop around the audience who are looking for similar services and products. 

At TMD, we plan remarketing and customer retention as the best way to lead forward and these are the top 3 ways of making it possible:

  • Email Newsletters: Gmail is ranked no. 1 in Alexa ranking as no one ever logged out of Gmail. It is always running and this is your window to capture your leads. Reach out with your weekly blogs, new product launch, summer/winter sale campaigns, and festivities wishes through emails. 

We design create mails, add marketing content and shoot emails to a large group of audience. 

  • Digital Feedbacks: Feedback is not a criticism but our team takes this as the way to connect better. Your customer knows what they expect from your brand and digital feedback is the best way to know their mindsets. The automatic feedback form reaches the customer’s email and voila! 
  • Push Notifications: For any new update, we have got you covered. Automation is the best strategy and the fastest. It swooshes the notification automatically with a new update and your customer knows it right. 

If you are looking for a one-time deal, then we are not right for you. Marketing is one deal that can never end. Your consumer behavior is changing and the world is growing.


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