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An average user’s time spent on social media is 145 minutes per day. This means that you have approximately 2 hours’ worth of attention span, which can be redirected to market your business and grow your brand.

Paid marketing services can be one of the fastest ways to reach out to your target audience and drive traffic to your website. In a contemporary digitalized world, it is one of the strongest pillars for marketing. This can help both big and small businesses to put their names on the digital map.

Depending on your preferences and target audience, the experts at Tune My Digital will help you identify the best possible strategy to increase your growth by 2.5x, attract your customers by 45% and get a great return on your investment. 

Power your marketing today:

We offer you a variety of paid marketing services to create highly effective and successful campaigns for small startups or global leaders in the industry. These include : 

Facebook Ads

One of the biggest advantages of Facebook is its monthly active user base. With over 2.7 billion monthly active users and counting, it proves to be one of the best places for you to invest your marketing budget and achieve great returns on the investment.

Facebook’s users range from all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, etc., making this platform apt for every brand. 

With Facebook ads, you can keep track of the reach of the content, how people are interacting with it and how those numbers are turning into revenue. By creating a campaign for your brand and assigning a budget, sponsored content would be shown to users across the world through posts, stories, or even messages.

With Tune My Digital (TMD), you will be able to display your paid content in all forms and optimize the budget in the best and most lucrative way possible.

YouTube Ads

YouTube is an online video sharing and social media platform, host to various creators and viewers worldwide.

From DIY projects to cooking to watching a movie, YouTube is a one-stop destination for the young and old. There are people viewing content on it all day, and it provides a very easy solution to help create awareness for your brand.

You can be a brand that wants to promote your headphones, or you can be a small business selling pottery; there is a place for every one of you.

With various divisions in segments like lifestyle, beauty, music, etc., the sponsored ads will be shown to the viewer based on their previous history, watching, and purchasing habits. The ads are relevant for the viewer, encouraging them to know more about your business.

You can choose among various ad formats like In-stream Ads- skippable/non-skippable, responsive ads, pop-ups, or bumper ads to promote your product/service.

With Tune My Digital, you will be able to track the success of your video ads, track the number of views, actions taken, costs, and more. If you want to power up your game, then this is the chance for you!

Google Ads

Do you want to see your business on the most visited website in the world? Then, you need a Google campaign to drive that dream into reality.

Every time someone needs to learn something, know something that they have never heard of, or even buy something that they need, the answer is always – Google.

Every time you see an ad for a company’s landing page ranked in the top 3, they are highly likely to have a Google Ads campaign underway.

Or if you have joked about looking for something on Amazon or Instagram and finding ads of similar products showcased across your social media feeds, then know that you can make use of such opportunities too.

Google Ads provides you the best online platform to advertise and spread awareness about your products/services and brand. You are able to show your advertisements to potential customers, which will direct more calls and thereby more revenue for your product/service.

Google Ads is a massive space with a huge opportunity to grow your business. With TMD, our experts will help you measure the impact created by your advertisement in the world’s biggest search engine and believe us when we say – it will be phenomenal.

LinkedIn Ads:

LinkedIn is the world’s largest career oriented platform that brings professionals around the globe together. Instead of using LinkedIn as a B2C (business to consumer) platform, it can prove to be very advantageous for B2B (business to business) for lead generation or brand awareness.

With LinkedIn, you can reach out to other businesses or target audiences via their feeds, direct messaging, polls, etc. This will help you drive traffic to your sites, get new leads, and provide new opportunities.

By launching a LinkedIn campaign, you are able to target your ads to significant specifications like industry, job titles or even functions that you are targeting. For example, you could choose a conversion campaign and lead gen forms to drive more leads to your business.

Since it has a professional setup interface, you can promote your kickstarter campaign, conferences, or other professional events.

Through Linkedin ads, you get both reach and recognition. You can increase your sales, improve your social media presence, and eventually hire very talented people in the community.

Are you ready to start advertising in the world’s biggest professional platform with over 660 million users, then we are here for you!

Benefits of Paid Marketing Services :

Through paid marketing services, Tune My Digital creates customized and tailor-made strategies so that you can have the best of all worlds. Below are the reasons why you must invest in paid marketing services :

Increases leads and customers

If you set up your campaign correctly, then you will be able to build a continuous supply of leads and customers for your brand. With paid marketing services, there is a high potential to send extremely targeted leads to your landing page, which results in higher purchase conversions. This will also help in building brand awareness and outreach.

Quantifiable Results

With the help of the experts at Tune my Digital, you will have data at your fingertips. You can see how much money has been spent on campaigns, number of impressions/engagements, number of purchase conversions as well as leads received.

Adds credibility

Customers tend to trust what they see in front of them or what they retain in their memory. Through online advertisements, you showcase your brand to your target audience and capture their attention. These online ads are able to add a layer of credibility to your business which will make them trust you more, and hence will urge them to buy your product/service.

Learn more about the market

Gone are the days of surveys and questionnaires to understand customer preferences. Some ad campaigns can help you understand keywords used by customers, days and timing for their search, gender and locations. It can help you improve your product and service offerings and refine your marketing efforts.

High return on investment

By investing in the right paid marketing campaigns, you reduce the cost of generating each sale or lead. You are able to drive more traffic, which eventually leads to higher revenue. Thus, there is a high return on investment.

The bottom line:

Whether you are a small business just starting out or a big corporation, paid marketing services can elevate your business and take it to new heights. At Tune my Digital, we love getting their hands dirty with data and ad campaigns. So if you are ready for more leads, more customers and more revenue, then we are here for you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

  1. Why should I invest in paid marketing

Ans. Paid marketing services can be useful when you want to increase the visibility of your products or services. It can be particularly helpful where the organic traction is low, since it helps you increase leads and drive traffic to the landing page. You are able to have a higher conversion rate thereby making more revenue.

2. Can I use paid marketing to create a buzz before the launch of a product?

Ans. Paid marketing is a customized and tailor made strategy that works in the best interest of your brand and the goal identified. You can choose to use the ads to create a buzz before launching a product, brand awareness, traffic, or conversions.

3. Why should I hire a marketing agency?

Ans. Marketing agencies are aware of all the permutations and combinations necessary to make a campaign successful. Through their expertise, they will be able to create desired results for your brand without wasting time, money, or other resources. Tune My Digital has more than 32,548+ clients who have seen their dreams turn into reality.

4. Will I see results in the first month of launching an ad campaign?

Ans. The first month usually goes in A/B testing the content and design of the advertisement. Data is collected to understand the behavior of the audience basis which tweaks and optimizations are made to get desired results.


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