Your Handbook to Content Marketing

“The Power of Digital”

To grow business, increase sales, and create a trustable brand image, the most important role is to connect to your audience. And how do you connect to the audience? Content is anything that bespeaks your brand, your image, your idea, your products, and your services. Content is the latest news, latest blogs, graphical content for social media, videos for the hype marketing, press release, and infographics. 

Phase 1: Content Market Research & Strategy

The building blocks of content start at market research and strategy building. Even though the content is the most evolving subject in the digital world, still an outline of a strategy has to be built.

Firstly, research has always been the most productive action for any work. Having a look at your completion won’t hurt at all. So at TMD. Once you have everything at one plate

Content strategy is based on target marketing. The Mantra of content strategy is hidden in the 3 questions:

What we put out in the world- is the content that we are sharing with the world which should be related to your company through:

  • Blog Posts
  • Copywriting
  • Videos
  • Graphical Illustration
  • Infographics
  • Short News
  • Guide Books
  • Product Reviews
  • Whitepapers
  • E-Books
  • SEO content

Where we put it: are the channels or mediums through which your content is communicated to the audience. These could be:

  • Social Media
  • Blog Posts
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Website
  • Newsletters
  • Publishing/ Kindle

How we put it- involves content designing, scheduling of content, time of the day, and how we share it further with the world. 

At TMD. we do your “what, where, and how” with complete transparency, strong strategies, and clear perspective. 

It is at this stage, we create a powerful content calendar for you where you can easily see what is happening with your brand name. 

This completes our first phase of the Content Marketing

Phase 2: Content Ideation & Creation

Phase two is crucial as this is the functioning of content. At Phase two, TMD. the digital team works on concept creation, storytelling, and designing for the content. 

At this phase, our creative team of writers, strategists, and a graphical designer workout the crazy ideas to connect your brand to a million hearts. 

What is the idea? Ideation and creation work based on demand concerning the products and services. 

But what do we really create?

We create everything that the world wants to hear. We provide campaigns based on

  • Unbiased Content
  • Bold Content 
  • Unconventional Content 
  • Straightforward Content

And to know what it means, let’s meet digitally to discuss content strategies.

TMD.’s strongest suit is market research, understand our audience and build evolving strategies. This generates higher leads and better awareness. 

The Second Phase is an ongoing process. 

Phase 3: Content Promotion & Channels

This is the best part of marketing and we have expertise in it. Promoting content means running advertisements to drive traffic and to make your content go viral. 

Who doesn’t want that? Maximizing reach, targeting each individual with similar interests, and expanding your digital horizon is what content promotion is all about. All this is done through different channels. 

Let’s discuss a branding story of Jio. The content of the Jio network was very simple, straight, and eye-catching- “free calls” and it changed the history of telecommunication in India. “Free unlimited calls” was the content that bespoke the marketing strategy of the company and through promotions, advertisements, and marketing it reached each corner of India. Today, Jio offers expensive plans which people buy because it made a connection with the audience. 

The third phase is a one-time process unless you keep on adding new pages. 

Phase 4: Content Analysis & Tracking

Publishing is not where the job ends and TMD. knows better than anyone. Every piece of information that we publish needs a tracker to understand the behaviors of our audience. 

It is a trick for Lead Generation and higher Sales to understand what our buyer wants and where exactly our likable audience is hidden. 

We use tools and manual tracking to keep a record of every analytic. Analytics is the basis of your success plan. If a digital company knows how to analyze and use the same for the growth plan, you are associated with the right company. 

This ends Content Marketing. We are happy to help you with your questions.


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