Paid Marketing – How does it work?

The Game of Money

Why money when you can do everything organically? When we put money online, it works as an investment seed to increase the ROI, boost business growth and convert the walking traffic into quality leads.

Phase 1: Mapping for Buying 

The advertisement game works entirely differently from that of SEO. Organically, the goal of the company is to generate traffic, which contributes to higher rankings. When deciding the advertising map, we save your money by planning:

  • When to Invest: “When” here represents time of using advertisement according to season, audience, geographical target location and time of the day. 
  • Where to Invest: Mapping involves planning and research about your brand, your audience and your goals. 

So what do the ads really do? 

We convert your ads into leads, higher sales, and quick returns. With Tune My Digital, get 

  • New Client Segment
  • More Leads
  • Better Brand Reach

Book us now and get an exclusive opportunity to negotiate directly with our head of the team. 

Phase 2: Search Engine Marketing & E-Commerce Ads

Paid search is the most effective way to capture digital attention. SEM and Ecommerce can build a better reputation of your brand, quicker and more reliable, in just no time with TMD. 

We do exclusive Keywords Auditing and Bidding before submitting our proposal. Even though SEO is the best way to rank yourself for keywords that your audience is searching, but SEM is the only way to reach out to people who are interested in similar products. Our team handles: 

  • Ads Strategy
  • Ads Creation (content, image and videos)

We don’t limit ourselves to anything. We love to create & plan for you. We have one goal: with your growth; we grow. We work on:

  • Video Ads (Google Ads)
  • Search Ads (Google Ads)
  • Display Ads (Google Ads)
  • Youtube Ads (Google Ads)
  • E-commerce Ads

Reach us out and test your main keywords price and quickly get a fair budget.

Phase 3: Social Media Ads & Tools

Media buying is another way to put up social media ads. Our effective strategies can put you in front of millions of social users. 

  • Facebook Ads (Social Media Ads)
  • Instagram Ads (Social Media Ads)
  • LinkedIn Ads (Social Media Ads)
  • Twitter Ads (Social Media Ads)
  • Lead Generation (Social Media Ads)
  • Brand Awareness Ads

The best type of company is the one that uses super tools to make your ad more reachable. We use Qwaya, AdEspresso, Hootsuite, and AdStage for the programmatic Ads Management System. 

Phase 4: Affiliate Channels

We reach out to marketers, create multiple web blogs parallel to your website. This is a mind-blowing strategy and we love doing it. At TMD, we deal in commission, Click Bank, ShareAsale for big brands. 

If you do not know how to quickly grow your e-commerce platform, contact Tune My Digital. Reach us out at 

Let your audience segment be from any region, our team excels at native ads for a rich user experience. 

Reach us out and evaluate your main keywords price and quickly get a fair budget.


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